Dear Texas Gun Rights Supporter,

In the wake of the horrific shootings in Texas and Ohio, gun grabbers are salivating at the opportunity to pass gun control in deep-red Texas.

The gun control cabal is even more overjoyed by the actions of Republican Governor Greg Abbott and Lt. Governor Patrick -- who is openly advocating for Michael Bloomberg-backed Universal Gun Registration.

Gun owners must not let ANY Texas politician get away with this type of behavior, regardless of their political affiliation.

But without your continued support, and the support of countless other pro-gun Texans across the state, we could see our gun rights at serious risk this year.

That’s why I need you to renew your 2020 Texas Gun Rights membership today!

And if you can, I hope you’ll consider increasing your yearly commitment by just $30.

With your help, Texas Gun Rights will continue to mobilize gun owners and send a loud message to all Texas politicians: “HANDS OFF OUR SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS!”

For Freedom,

Chris McNutt
Executive Director


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