1) We must hold all politicians accountable for their anti-gun actions during the 2020 elections, especially those who helped kill pro-gun legislation! We must also work to get ALL candidates seeking legislative office on the record in support of the Second Amendment so the strongest candidate can take on Bloomberg-backed lackeys in November!

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2) Gun control hysteria is at an all-time high across the country and Texas is a TOP target for gun grabbers nationwide. With anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg trying to buy his way into the Democratic nomination for President -- to influence down ballot elections -- Second Amendment supporters must begin mobilizing for 2020 now!

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3) With the responsibilities of enforcing gun control falling on the shoulders of local officials it is critical local Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances nullify any state and/or federal infringement on gun rights. I support Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances only if they have enforceable teeth and protect my rights from state and federal infringements.

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4) We shouldn’t have to rely on local officials to keep us safe from unconstitutional gun control. Attorney General Ken Paxton must enforce our state pre-emption law and punish municipalities who dare restrict our Second Amendment rights!

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5) As a law-abiding citizen, I shouldn’t have to beg the government permission or pay expensive fees to exercise my constitutionally-protected right to keep and bear arms! Constitutional Carry should be made a top issue during the 2020 elections and our lawmakers should vote to make Texas the 16th Constitutional Carry during the next legislative session!

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Dear Fellow Texan,

Texas Gun Rights is gearing up for a massive election accountability program during the 2020 election season – and we want to survey our members and supporters to ensure our top priorities are in line with Texans across the state.

And I still need to hear from you!

With Bloomberg and his cronies emboldened after his successful buy-out of Virginia, they are setting their sights on Texas.

So please complete the official TXGR Second Amendment Survey below!

For Texas and Liberty,


Chris McNutt

Executive Director

Texas Gun Rights


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